3D Cat Scan Imaging

CAT Scan 3D Imaging:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3d cat scan imaging baton rouge louisianaWhen it comes to technology, we have the very best in our area.  Bluebonnet Dental Care is the dental practice of choice and the future. We several advanced tools and features that put us ahead of other dental offices, and one of these tools is our Cone Beam Computer Tomography 3-D Imaging Technology.

Our CBCT Scan/3-Dimensional Imaging technology is extremely crucial to planning your dental solutions. Proudly, we are one of the very few dental offices to own a 3-D dental scanner—lucky for us, and lucky for you!


We can see every aspect of your teeth, bone, and underlying structures with amazing 3-Dimensional features. Typically we use it to:

  • Create dental implant treatment plans
  • Evaluate patients for grafting needs
  • Evaluate nerve locations near impacted wisdom teeth
  • Determine complex root canal anatomy
  • Locate hidden canals that cannot be found without our advanced 3-D imaging

This revolutionary technology allows us to diagnose and solve complicated dental problems in which regular x-rays do not suffice.

As you can see, Bluebonnet Dental Care can provide patients with a superior experience because we invest in resources that benefit each and every one of our patients. If you would like to learn more about our 3-D imaging technology for yourself, contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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