Cosmetic Wax Up

Seeing Is Believing With A Cosmetic Wax Up

cosmetic dental wax up baton rougeHave you ever been to the dentist to become confused about all the dental jargon? Don’t you wish you could see the results ahead of time? Here at Bluebonnet Dental Care, we understand that talking about a new smile is just not enough … you would like to see it.

Well you heard the old saying seeing is believing, and with a dental cosmetic wax up you can see it.

  • We believe in listening to your concerns and understanding your desires
  • We are not happy unless you and your family are happy
  • That’s why I’m we enjoy talking with you about a treatment plan
  • We want you to feel comfortable and at ease before a treatment begins

Once we understand the result you want, we can then create a diagnostic cosmetic wax up that combines your desires with recommended treatments. Viewing the wax up first hand helps you to see what dramatic results you will have with your new smile. The cosmetic wax up allows us to make any changes necessary before treatment starts.

A dental cosmetic wax up allows us to show you in advance your smile so you can believe.

If you would like a cosmetic dental wax up so you can see your smile first hand, then call us today for an appointment at 225–376-6164.

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