Dental Implants

Dental Implants:  The Healthiest Solution for Tooth Replacement!

baton rouge dental implantsInserting dental implants is a process by which the doctor embeds an artificial tooth root or dental implant into the bone of your jaw. This device is inserted at the spot where you have lost your original tooth. And, can serve as a base on which a cap or crown is attached.

If you have any issues with your teeth, it is understandable that you’ll feel awkward and embarrassed when spending time with family and friends in public spaces. And, if the issue involves missing teeth, that can make the situation worse when you want to smile, eat or laugh. Many people feel that missing teeth seem to alter the shape of their face or even make them look older. They also suffer from lowered self-esteem. However, cosmetic issues are not the only reason why you need get dental implants. Here are a few more important reasons:

  • Inability to chew food properly leading to undernourishment and difficulty in digesting food effectively
  • Poor word pronunciation
  • Loss of bone mass (The bone cells in your jaw are constantly growing and reproducing. But, they need the stimulation of the movement of your teeth when chewing and biting. When the tooth is removed or damaged, this important exercising movement is lost and the bone begins to degenerate and erode away. This erosion continues for the time when there is no tooth root. The maximum of loss in the width of the bone occurs in the first year after tooth removal.)
  • Loss of gum tissue
  • Results in misaligned teeth
  • Results in misaligning of other facial bones

Thus, dental implants are the possibly the best solution to tooth loss. Each implant lasts a long while and looks and feels like a healthy tooth. It also functions just like a natural tooth and works to prevent further bone and gum tissue loss.



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