Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dental radiographs or simply dental x-rays are necessary, precautionary, diagnostic methods that give important details that are not seen during a typical dental exam.  Our office makes use of x-rays and their results to carefully and correctly identify hidden dental problems and provide an exact treatment method. It’s impossible to spot problems in the mouth without the use of x-rays.

What Can Dental X-Rays Show?

• Swelling or abscess
• Loss of bones
• Malignant or benign tumors
• Decay between the teeth
• Developmental deformities
• Poor tooth and root placing
• Problems occurring inside a tooth or underneath the gum line

Finding dental problems early on can save you time and money.

How safe are dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays are safe and effective.  People are unprotected to natural radiation in our surroundings. The quantity of exposure to radiation from a set of x-rays is equivalent to the amount of radiation a person gets in a single day coming from a variety of natural sources.

Dental x-rays are proven to be harmless because it generates a small intensity of radiation. Dentists acquire essential safety measures to minimize the patient’s vulnerability to radiation when undergoing the process of dental x-rays. These preventive actions entail the following: making use of lead apron shields to keep the body covered and protected and utilization of the latest, quick x-ray film that trims down the exposure time of every x-ray.

How many times should x-rays be taken?

The demand for dental x-rays will be based on his or her own dental health requirement. The dentist and dental hygienist shall suggest the needed number of x-rays depending on the assessment of your medical and dental background, dental
tests, signs and symptoms, age, and possibility for any complications or illnesses.

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