Do you take my insurance?
– We accept all PPO insurance plans. Call us with your insurance information. We would be happy to call your insurance and go over your benefits with you at no charge!

Can I get my teeth cleaned? 
– Yes! We will get you in with one of our friendly and caring hygienists to go over your oral health needs!

Are you open on Saturdays?
– Yes, we are open every other Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm.

Do you see kids? 
– Yes, we have a children’s dentist here on Saturdays, and all of our hygienists are great with kids. We are available Monday through Saturday (6 days a week)!

Do you have Invisalign? 
– Yes, 3 of our doctors are certified Invisalign providers.

Do you have payment plans? 
– We offer outside financing plans, such as Care Credit, often without interest!

Do you place implants?
– Yes! We have placed and many implants with great success.

Do you take out wisdom teeth? 
– Yes! We can extract wisdom teeth (3rd molars) here in our office.

Do you have sedation?
– Yes, we offer both oral sedation (in the form of halcyon), and IV sedation, performed by an anesthesiologist in our office. Nitrous oxide is also offered, free of charge!

Can I get veneers? 
– Yes, see our smile gallery for some great before and after photos of some of our existing patients.

Do you do smile makeovers?
– Yes! We love giving people the smile they aren’t afraid to show off! We even do four smile makeover giveaways (over $100,000) every year!

Do you have a dental cat scan? 
– We are on the forefront of dental technology. We have a cat scan machine that we use to find hidden “fourth” canals on upper molars. The cat scan is also imperative to any implant placement, extractions, sinus lifts, bone grafts, etc, and can help with sleep apnea by allowing the doctor a 3D view of your airway!

Can I get my kid sealants? 
– Yes! Anyone can get sealants to help prevent decay and keep back teeth healthy and cavity-free!

Do you do root canals? 
– Yes! All of our doctors can perform root canals.

Do you have tooth-colored fillings?
– Yes! We recommend composite fillings for all of our patients, it is a longer lasting and better looking alternative to old amalgam or silver fillings.

Can I get Zoom! Teeth Whitening?
– Yes we offer Zoom! in office whitening, it’s a two-hour appointment and the average patient will leave with a smile 8 shades whiter (every person is different and results will vary)!

Do you make night guards?
– We offer two different types of occlusal “night” guards to protect your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep.

Can I get my teeth whitened? 
– Yes! We can perform the Zoom! in-office whitening, or fit your teeth with custom home bleaching trays so you can whiten at home!

Can I get my teeth bleached? 
– Yes! We can perform the Zoom! in-office whitening, or fit your teeth with custom home bleaching trays so you can whiten at home!

Do you treat gum disease?
– We do treat gum disease at our office. Our hygienists are committed to fighting periodontal disease, and helping out patients stay healthy.

Do you have oral cancer screening?
– At our office, we believe early detection saves lives! We use Vizilite to detect precancerous cells in the mouth before they are visible to the naked eye. All you have to do is rinse with a solution that makes any lesions and precancerous cells appear white when viewed with an ultraviolet light.


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