General Dentistry

General Dentistry

smiling young womanGoing to the dentist is very important but it isn’t just about getting checked for cavities anymore. It’s about making sure your oral health is in top shape because having a healthy mouth has been linked to having an overall healthy body. Many diseases that affect your body, such as heart disease, can show early symptoms in the mouth. The bacteria that has been found  in the mouth can create problems throughout your body and effect you in a very negative way.

General dentistry does involve regular oral hygiene visits to allow your dentist and hygienist to assess your overall state of health in your mouth. This involves oral cancer screenings, periodontal evaluations, regular x-rays, and removal of the tartar and stains on your teeth.  When it comes to prevention, it is definitely worth taking the time to come in for a full exam.

General dentistry also involves maintaining your fillings, restorations and healthy smile. While restorations are meant to be long lasting, they won’t last forever. Sometimes repairs or replacements are needed. It is our job to help you keep oral health great so that you can keep your teeth and smile for a lifetime.

Here are  some reasons to keep up with your oral hygiene regimen and check-ups:

  • Detecting a dental problem in its early stages is paramount for maintaining a healthy mouth.
  • Catching problems in their earliest stages helps to minimize the amount of dental work needed, and helps to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • This is why we highly recommend keeping vigilant of your routine check-ups for you and your family.
  • Additionally, teaching your children and practicing effective at-home oral care is equally important for healthy gums and teeth.

Even with regular oral hygiene visits emergencies can occur. If you sense a problem with one of your teeth don’t ignore it. Call us immediately; it could be the difference between saving and losing a tooth.


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