Intra-Oral Cameras

Intra-Oral Camera Views

Dentistry has progressed to where we can see more than we have ever seen before?  Intra-oral cameras, also referred to as a “camera on a wand,” can see things large and clearer, and so can you! This helps you understand the condition of your teeth and helps us to be able to provide better treatment.

The intra-oral photos are also very important for our dental records and for insurance purposes. Intra-oral and smile series photos allow you to be an active partner in your dental treatment, and give you the opportunity to make treatment decisions with confidence when you have a clear understanding of your dental conditions.

What Can The Intra-Oral Cameras See?

Since you will be viewing your teeth and gums with us, we can pinpoint:

  • exact areas of decay
  • broken fillings
  • chipped teeth
  • plaque
  • gum disease
  • worn teeth

We can also see cavities next to fillings that you may have. These photos are a great tool if you are doing anything cosmetic or restorative to your teeth. The before and after photos are remarkable!

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