Root Canals

Stop Tooth Pain With A Root Canal:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

root canal therapy baton rouge louisianaMost people when they hear the word “root canal” they become very fearful.   Most people want to run the other way. This is because they have had bad experiences in the past or have heard of a bad experience that a friend or relative has had.

Here at Bluebonnet Dental Care, it is our goal to help you get out of pain. We won’t to relieve you of your fear, anxiety and worry. We do everything we can to minimize your time in the dental chair.

The purpose of a root canal is to repair or save a damage tooth. This damage could be the result of the deep decay, fillings, cracks or trauma. Since these problems can lead to infections, we recommend that you get treatment as soon as possible.

To understand the root canal procedure, you must understand the difference between the pulp and the root canal.

  • The root canal is the pathway located in the center of the tooth and it houses the pole or nerve
  • The soft area called the pulp transports oxygen and nutrients to the root and the rest of the tooth

The problem occurs if the tooth gets a deep cavity, fracture or other traumatic problem. This can allow harmful bacteria to get into the canals and infect the healthy pulp. If you do not get treated right away, the infection will worsen and the pulp can die. This can cause an abscess which is an infection of the bone at the end of the root.

To treat this problem, the tooth is completely numbed. The pulp and the nerve are removed and we clean and reseal the inside of the tooth.  We then place a filling into the roots and rebuild the tooth’s core. When complete we place a temporary crown on the tooth.

For your comfort, we offer sedation services to help with your fear and anxiety. Most patients elect to have sedation during the treatment and are amazed at how quick and easy we make this procedure.

  • If you need a root canal, don’t wait (even though every bone in your body is probably telling you to!).
  • If the infection worsens, it can cause serious damage and pain.
  • We recommend acting fast since the heavy decay can lead to infections and other health-related problems.

Simply put, our experience and skills, along with sedation dentistry, will make your root canal procedure more comfortable and anxiety-free! If you would like to speak with us about root canals or to schedule your appointment, feel free to contact us at 225-376-6164.

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